Wednesday, July 07, 2010

There are a couple of things that are really frustrating me in my life right now. One, I haven't finished a book yet, and two, we're not eating right.

Before I took an impromptu road trip to visit the folks up North, I was going along at a pretty good clip of 1,000 words/day on the current project. I don't think I'll have much trouble getting back into that groove when we get back home this weekend. The food bit is harder. I don't much like cooking. I'm not much good at cooking. The garden is doing well and I've got over two hundred dollars worth of local meat in my freezer, but the onslaught of covenience food is relentless.

I'd like to do something about these two major areas of unrealized creative and domestic potential, so from July 10 - August 10 (the day we leave for our next vacation, the officially planned plane-taking one), I'm going to spend two hours every day on the story and two hours on growing, cooking, processing and preserving real food.

My writing goal is to give cousin Katie the finished draft to read when she arrives for her own Maine vacation in mid-August. My culinary goal is to put up enough tomato sauce and diced tomatoes to last until next summer, dry and store a good supply of all the herbs we planted, and serve three meals every day that my great-grandmother would have recognized as food (though with all due respect to Michael Pollan, I was lucky enough to know my great-grandmother, and the woman adored salt pork, margarine and these unspeakable pressed-meat chicken slices that I can't even describe).

I'll post my results daily. Wish me luck!


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