Sunday, July 25, 2010

Scott threw himself into tomato sauce yesterday - not quite literally, but he was pretty well bedaubed by the time he pronounced it done. We have five more meal-sized jars of the good stuff in the freezer. I bought Romas from the farmer's market for this batch, and that's looking like a better method than growing them myself. Those ladies know how to grow tomatoes! I think I'll buy another box next week.

I stuffed a huge zucchini with heritage free-range ground turkey from the awesome folks at Brick House Farms. I baked it. We ate it. Take that, zucchini!

What else did we eat recently? Steak, also from Brick House Farms. Pasta. A lot of the soup (zucchini and minestrone) that I made up and froze for later convenience meals. A lot of eggs. We also went out, for the first time since I got home, to both Chile's and Chipotle. They have offerings that work with Scott's 1500-calories-per-day crazy-ass diet.

I've finally got some movement on the story - but I need to generate 2600 words per day over the next 15 days if I'm to bring a 50,000-word manuscript to Maine. I think that's probably an ideal length, since I, like Steven King, tend to add to the word count upon revisiting a draft. As far as I know, that and Maine are all we have in common ;-)


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