Thursday, June 16, 2005

Suburban Bliss

My playgroup is thinking of defecting from the MOMS Club . Our "Calendar Coordinator" has informed us that a previously-unknown "rule" stating that all playgroups must organize one monthly activity for the group at large will now be "enforced." A quorum of us were present at Gymboree this morning, and we decided that this sucks and we aren't going to do it. We have little kids. Organizing large-scale social events where all the bigger kids can whack them and take their toys is just not what we signed on for.

To tell you the truth, I love MOMS club about 90% of the time. Their Book Club kicks ass. Their Mom's Night Out parties are a hoot. To be sure, there was that one brunch where the hostess proclaimed that shorts could not be worn by women over 30 (guess who was the only one in shorts?), but now I know to avoid events at her house. I even signed up for a board position this year, organizing kidfree parties along with two of the other wine-guzzling book fiends.

So now the question - will we all be excommunicated from MOMS Club for defying our Coordinator? Stay tuned...


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