Wednesday, June 08, 2005

The Milk of Human Weirdness

Our local ABC news affiliate aired this steaming pile of crap yesterday:

Ken Schram Commentary: I'm All For This 'Cover Up'

The entire piece is a real gem, but this particularly caught my eye:

"...for guys, it is nigh on impossible to switch from breasts as something sexual to breasts as take-out-food."

So I emailed him:

Well, I'm not sure that your Freudian fixation is my problem, Ken. Believe it or not, it is YOUR responsibility not to leer at, harass, intimidate or shame somebody who is breast-feeding, regardless of your personal issues. Human beings pee in the bathroom and eat anywhere that food is permitted (restaurants, airplanes, park benches etc.) I'm not inclined to plan my entire day around your neuroses.

By the way, my experience nursing my son in public here in the Seattle area was overwhelmingly positive. If you yearn for a society with draconian nudity taboos, I'd suggest Alabama.


Maybe it's because I'm a woman, but I can't even wrap my mind around the idea of being so entitled, so indulged, so fucking cosseted for my entire privileged life that I sincerely believed my discomfort outweighed a hungry infant's discomfort, or the discomfort of a nursing woman with full breasts. I'm beyond angry. I'm dumbfounded.


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