Monday, February 07, 2005

An Open Letter to My Son

Suburbia, WA
7 February 2005
2:20 a.m.

Dear James,

Eating in the middle of the night is vastly overrated.

I was very proud of your relatively charismatic behavior at the Tomko's baby shower yesterday. Your father and I realize that you are teething, and that it is normal for you to want to stick close to your mama as you come to term with this uncomfortable new sensation. We particularly appreciated your willingess to chew on a hunk of bread instead of nursing all afternoon in front of a packed house of single, childless engineers. Soon, there will be another baby and another set of boobs on permanent display and everybody will become desensitized to the sight of nipple. Anyhow, good show.

I wish that I could be similarly sanguine about your need to nurse at 2 a.m. You used to wake up for a 2 a.m. feeding every night; it was simply part of my reality. But for the past month or so, you have increasingly tended to skip this feeding in favor of a 6 a.m. snack followed by a couple more hours of sleep. When you wake up at 2 a.m. now, it is like God has stolen away a beautiful dream that finally came true (and in fact, getting yanked out of REM sleep has precisely that effect).

As long as I was up, I got myself a bottle of water and switched your diapers over to the dryer. I'm going back to bed now, and I hope that we will meet again sometime around 8.

All my love,



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