Saturday, January 08, 2005

Postmodern Bard

So I've been combing through craigslist looking for contract writing or tutoring gigs that I have a chance of finishing during naptimes, Baby Einstein videos etc. (Want to hire me?, and I came across a listing for a web-based business that offered poetry for hire.

I think my security-through-obscurity is still pretty darn good, so here's the link.

Oh my GOD. Is that the worst tripe you've ever imagined, or what? But it meets my sole job criteria - I can do it in an hour or less. I sent a query email:

Dear Amy, I was thrilled to find
A piecework poem gig done online
I really hope the workload's steep
'Cause I could do this in my sleep

Allow me one day to reflect
On any subject you select
And I'll produce a fetching rhyme
Both now and every other time!

Amy wrote back immediately. She is swamped with customers and wants to hire somebody ASAP. She gave me a sample scenario and asked for fifteen stanzas. I dashed it off this morning.

Now here's the thing: it's very obvious that the scenario she sent at one point came from a client. I've seen Amy's writing, she couldn't make up a bed, let alone the saga of a 50-year marriage. So what's stopping her from taking my poem, selling it to her client for $60, and then telling me I can't have the job? Have I been suckered by Prostetnic Vogon Jeltz?


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