Friday, January 07, 2005

New Year's Resolution, a few days late - or Once More Unto the Suckage of my Blogging

And here you thought I'd make it a full twelve months before I dusted this thing off again :-)

So I had this baby, a boy just as was indicated, and named him after his grandpa as planned. He's pretty terrific. Typical sweet non-colicky sound-sleeping moderately-pooping baby. I've been told that this feature set actually makes him a very atypical baby, but I'm not complaining.

Scott transferred between groups at MSFT and is now working a lot more with people than with incomprehensibly difficult compiler design problems. It's been a good change. He started reading fiction again, which leads me to believe he's either cleared out some space in his brain or opened up a new section of it. He's a good dad, too.

I've made a few desultory efforts to get freelance work and have recently ramped that up. I made some pretty decent money working from home before James was born, and now that I'm actually getting enough sleep at night, I'd like to be able to do that again. Babies are an endless money pit, and I'm getting a little tired of the inevitable snide comments about being an economic dependent. I wonder which wave of feminism will devote itself to eradicating the myth that working outside the home has some intrinsic moral value aside from putting food in the kids' proverbial mouths? The Sixth? The Seventh? At any rate, not in my lifetime.

I've had the chance to meet some other new moms IRL - I can't tell you where, or I might get a creepy, officious letter like Melissa did. And unlike Flea, I'm enjoying my first playgroup, which is good because I'm set to host the damned thing this week.

My only bit of professional news is that Lewis & Clark is hosting a Woolf conference this spring, and I am going to send in a paper proposal. Wish me luck!


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Yay! I have comments! Next thing you know, I'll have content!


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