Tuesday, January 11, 2005

The Devil's Own Test Prep

So with my career as a poetess-for-hire crapped out before liftoff, it's time to fall back one of my other useless skills - test taking. I have pretty good SAT and GRE scores, and the Princeton Review has invited me to audition for them tonight. I have to present a three-minute lesson on any topic and demonstrate a compelling classroom presence.

I was wondering if I should bring my CV, but then I came across this blog. Apparently, my teaching credentials are not at issue here, merely my ability to sound British and refrain from teaching anywhere else while I'm working for them.

I'm not sure I'll be willing to associate myself with these clods even if they should want to hire me, but the "audition" is bound to be good blog fodder if nothing else and Scott is game to babysit, so I'm still gonna go.

Better come up with a three-minue presentation before shorty wakes up. And I guess I need to do my hair...


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