Friday, January 21, 2005

The Death of Maud

I met Maud a couple years back when I went to Petco for dog food, right after we had moved out to the Left Coast. She was in a cage marked "young male rats," and she was getting vigorously gangbanged. I brought her home, took a little grief for acquiring another dependent without consulting Daddy, and that was that.

Note: this is why I love my husband. One minute he's bitching about how he doesn't like rodents, and the next thing I know he's buying the plushest cage he can find and scouting out rat breeders so his new baby will have a friend.

The "rat breeder" knew a sucker when she saw one, so we wound up with four rats sharing the palatial cage - Maud, Mabel, Mildred and Molly. Mabel and Molly died last year of some sort of cancerous respiratory nastiness, and we thought we'd lose them all, but the remaining two pulled through and have been living out their little ratty lives in the room off the kitchen.

Mildred seems to have mites or lice or something itchy, so I'm going to get her some medicine tomorrow and see if that does the trick. But she is nearing the end of her lifespan and she will probably just be lonely from now on. We do not plan to have any more caged pets.

Oh, and the old lady next door saw us digging a hole in the yard at 1 a.m. and came charging out with a flashlight. She was probably very relieved that it was not James we were putting in the ground.

Rest in peace, Maud. I am glad that I noticed you in the cage at Petco that day. You were a good rat.


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I had the world's best pet rat, Ray. The rat breeder who gave him to me has since moved to Maine and is a manager at a Petco. I'd love to find her again since her animals were the most loving and best-natured I've encountered. It's a shot in the dark, but-did you happen to get Maude and her companions from a short blonde woman named Carol?

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