Saturday, March 13, 2004

Again, I must remind you that I suck at blogging, at least with regard to consistency.

I met Smith's 10th President, Carol Christ, at a reception tonight. She's closing a bunch of the smaller dining rooms but promised not to hire part-timers to replace real profs, so I think I'll just be happy that she's got her head on straight when it comes to academics. She came to Noho from Berkeley, so there's no chance she'll ever understand why New Englanders feel so strongly about not eating in front of strangers.

I'm planning to submit a story to a local women's zine, and it's freaking me right out. I was rejected from the University of Washington's Ph.D. program, again, so I am going to have to table my plans of being a "real" academic until we move. On the upside, my current institution has finally figured out that offering school-sponsored tutoring in random unsupervised locations around campus is a lawsuit waiting to happen, and they're planning to open a Writing Center in the fall. Since I'm the one drafting the proposal for how the Center should operate and how it should be staffed, I feel as though I have a bit of an edge in the competition for the Coordinator position. A secure, salaried half-time position with onsite daycare - all washed up Lit students should be so lucky.

Scott is going on two separate weeklong business trips this month, leaving me alone with James and the dogs. James is getting big enough to displace all my internal organs, which are now demanding space in my ribcage. It's uncomfortable as hell, but I'm hoping that I'll acclimate in a week or two as I did with his last growth spurt. I am also sporting jowls. They're small, but they're defintely there. I have always been prone to jowliness, so I was expecting this, but it pains me nonetheless. I am looking forward to a little well-directed liposuction someday, so that I may live the rest of my life unhampered by the fear of jowls.

In much more important and somber news, I've received word of no less than four deaths in the past week. One was a Ms. poster who commited suicide after years of depression, and three were Smithies my age. Two car accidents and one serious health problem. The latter woman was my housemate - she is briefly eulogized by my sophomore year roommate here.

So, maybe I'd better get off my ass and do something with my life, because apparently it can end at any time.