Saturday, January 10, 2004

Warned you that I suck at this...

I spent 10 days with my family in Maine over Christmas break, and while I was there the babe started moving (or rather, I started feeling it move). My mom was some pleased. She tried to hear the heartbeat with her stethescope, but no luck.

I'm teaching two classes again this quarter - English 100 and English 101. Due to snow days, I've only met with the 101 group thus far. They are pretty darn charming, all "kids" except for 2 or 3 adults who are going back to school. That's a big change from my usual demographic, as is the dearth of non-native speakers. I'm trying to reverse engineer my assignments to match their high level of proficiency, which is a fun kind of alteration to be making - like taking a dress in, which is not something I will do again ever, probably. Certainly not in the next six months :-)

Scott is being sent to San Jose and Barcelona for conferences and will be on the road during most of March. But then he will not be expected to participate in the summer conference season. We were supposed to go to TechEd Europe in Amsterdam, but it starts on my due date so forget that. I was really looking forward to Amsterdam, but I'm looking forward to the baby, too.

I sent in my application to the UW for the Ph.D. program in English. Now I have to wait months to hear from them. I hate this part. If they reject me, I'm going to table the whole project and find something else to do with my life. Maybe I'll homeschool, especially if our elementary schools get redistricted away from the MSFT tax base and into the inferior neighboring district. Stupid us, living in a border town. There's a meeting scheduled for us to go yell at the school board, but I imagine they'll just ignore us. They're also going to start fluroidating our water supply, having ignored all the yelling that people did about THAT.

Although this post has devolved into a bitch session, I'm actually very happy right now. We just joined a gym that has water aerobics and bring-your-baby classes and a state-licensed childcare facility. And fluffy towels :-) We rescheduled our guitar lessons so we are taking them during adjacent time slots, which means I won't have to quit or find childcare to keep up with that. And after 6 consecutive quarters of teaching a really challenging student body for really shitty pay, I'm looking forward to having a quarter off and then teaching online during summer quarter.