Saturday, December 06, 2003

I took my 6 y.o. cousin to see the Nutcracker today.

I had forgotten what a horrifying acid trip that ballet really is. Furthermore, we were both wearing red velvet and black shoes with straps, so we looked like one of those April Cornell daughter-mom-matching-dress-guess-whose-daddy-has-a-complex pairings. But she had a great time, and now all three kidlets are being angelic as I babysit them while their parents attend a progressive dinner. Hey, at least it's not a scrapbooking party.

My preggo jeans are going to require a belt for the next couple of weeks unless I want to do an extended plumber impersonation. Now I know why pregnant ladies wear those tentlike shirts - to keep their asses from hanging out for all the world to see.

Scott has a wretched cold but just showed up to see the kids anyway. So I should pay attention to him, or something.